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Dr. Robert Zemexis

Dr. Robert Zemexis

Inside the Human Body // CG Reel

“Inside the Human Body”, an accessible and engaging 4 part series for BBC One, exploring the wonders of the human body. Using spectacular graphics, based on real images, and the latest scientific research, taking us on a fantastic voyage through the workings of our own, inner universe.
Louise Hussey, Rushes VFX Producer, comments ‘the exciting aspect of this project was the overall artistic approach to the VFX. The production team were very clear that they wanted to see the visuals in a more unusual and artistic way than human body graphics normally require. The inspiration for the look came as much from paintings and photographs of landscapes as it did from a medical textbook”

Hayden Jones, VFX Supervisor at Rushes, adds, “It was an amazing opportunity to bring these microscopic worlds to life, but with such a wide variety of characters and environments I knew it would be quite an artistic as well as technical challenge.”
VFX: Rushes Film&TV
VFX Supervisor: Hayden Jones
VFX Producer: Louise Hussey
VFX Coordinator: Paul Jones
CG Lead Artists: Craig Travis, Mark Pascoe
CG Artists: Andy Hargreaves, Toby Walton, Arvind Sond, Alan Williamson, Chris Hutchinson, Liam Hoflay
VFX Compositors: Simone Coco, Noel Harmes, Guy Elson
VFX Assistant: Eleanor Rogers
VFX Sequence Colourist: Denny Cooper

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